Tel-Hai Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications, June, 14, 2007
Chairman: Dr. Yizhar Lavner, Dept. of Computer Science, Tel-Hai.
"An effective Algorithm for Automatic Detection and Exact Demarcation of Breath Sounds in Speech and Song Signals",
Dima Ruinskiy and Yizhar Lavner,
IEEE Trans. of Speech, Audio and Language Processing, in the March 2007 issue abstract
Breath Eliminator by Waves developed in spl "Debreath"
Event spotting in audio signals.
November 13, 2005.
Links to examples page: "An MFCC-Based Algorithm for Real-Time Breath Detection..."
 "Voice morphing using 3-D waveform interpolation surfaces and lossless tube area functions", EURASIP Journal of Applied Signal Processing, 2005:8 (2005) 1174-1184,
Yizhar Lavner and Gidon Porat.
 Link to Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal Processing.

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