"The action of selection on codon bias in the human genome is related to frequency, complexity, and chronology of amino acids", BMC Genomics, 2006, 7:67.
Daniel Kotlar and Yizhar Lavner.
Link to article at BMC Genomics.
"Codon bias as a factor in regulating expression via translation rate in the human genome", Gene, Vol 345, 1, 127-138.
Yizhar Lavner and Daniel Kotlar.
Link to Abstract.
 "Codon Bias is a factor in regulating expression via translation efficiency in the human genome."
Lecture at Structural approaches to sequence evolution: Molecules, networks, populations.
Workshop: July 5 - 10, 2004.  Daniel Kotlar's lecture.
 Gene prediction analysis based on Spectral representation of DNA sequences and fuzzy KNN.
Daniel Kotlar, Zohar Idelson, Yizhar Lavner.
ISMB/ECCB 2004  Poster (146 kb)

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